By nature of our work, when we review certain cases, we are perplexed and dozens of question marks persist about the position of the victim, and I am talking specifically about quite a few fraud crimes, whose victims act with a measure of naivety, which I almost assure that they dazzle the fraudsters themselves!

I mention here, by the way, the incident of a woman who received a phone call from a fraudster who deluded her into winning a major prize, and manipulated her psychologically, to the point of blinding her from discovering the trick that might not fool a small child.

The victim in this incident left her office more than once to transfer money to the fraudster, hoping for the grand prize, until she finally realized that she had fallen into a primitive trap, after losing almost half of her salary!

In a recent case, a woman received a phone call from a person who convinced her that he was a bank employee, and that there was a problem with her bank account, and she had to liquidate it and transfer it to another account. He provided her with his bank details, and she went herself to an ATM and deposited the money in the account of the perpetrator!

I remember that a fraudster deceived a man of his ability to double his money, and seized a huge amount from him, and after nearly a year, the victim met him by chance in a market and grabbed him, and instead of handing the fraudster over to the police, the fraudster persuaded him to double his money again and compensate him for his old losses and managed to defraud him again.

There is a fixed rule, recognized by specialists and others, that the fraudster finds his way through greed, and the first usually has the ability to read the psychology of his victim, and manipulate him!

The stories – most of which are funny – are many and cannot be accommodated in this space, but what must be pointed out is that the security and judicial services of many countries, especially developed countries, do not pay attention to such reports, and consider their victims responsible for their losses, but the situation is completely different in the Emirates, and perhaps This is one of the main reasons for the wonderful reputation that the country has, and it always makes it an attractive destination for large institutions and individuals, whether employees or investors, because solid security and a fair and effective judiciary are the foundations for countries with a better life.

We refer here to the recent Law No. 34 in the matter of combating rumors and electronic crimes, as it deterrently addresses the most common electronic fraud crimes now. Imprisonment for a period of not less than a year and a fine of not less than 250 thousand dirhams and not more than one million dirhams, but whoever seizes money for himself or for others using any fraudulent method or taking a false name or an incorrect capacity through an information system or an information technology means.

In the end, everyone must realize that there is a strong security system that pursues, and deterrent laws, but for God’s sake, think twice before sacrificing your money and do not be an easy prey for fraudsters.