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We aim to offer our clients more than simple legal advice to provide support upon request

We aim to offer our clients more than simple legal advice: to provide support upon request, both in word and deed, in every life circumstance. Our goal is not just to be a service provider, but a strong partner and enabler. Consequently, in addition to business and legal advice, we also offer support to our clients which includes both business and private circumstances and extends far beyond merely legal questions. Having regard to your interests and objectives, we devise possible approaches in terms of implementation whereby you, the client, are kept constantly involved in the process and contribute to shaping it; the decisions on the path we take lie with you. Therefore, we remain open to changes of direction, for a rigid concept can rarely do justice to the requirements of strong individuals.

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Client rights

We are an experienced legal consultancy that deals with all sorts of legal matters. With our experience, we have managed to build a reputation for being an ethical and professional firm.

• You are entitled to be courteously treated and respected at all time by your lawyer, and legal consultants and other staff who work in your attorney’s office.

• You have the right to be charged reasonable fees and your lawyer will explain from the start how to calculate the fees and the method and frequency of submitted the invoices.

• You are entitled to request and obtain a detailed written invoice from your attorney at reasonable intervals.

• In the event of dispute over fees, you are entitled to request an arbitration. your lawyer will provide you with the relevant information necessary for arbitration on the event of a dispute over fees, or upon your request.

• You are entitled to receive an immediate response to questions and concerns and answer your phone calls as soon as possible.

• You are entitled to be kept informed of the status of your case and to request and obtain copies of the documents. You are also entitled to have adequate information that allows you to actively participate in supporting your case.

• You are entitled to be respected for your legitimate objectives by your lawyer, including the choice of settlement or non-settlement of the case (In some matters, you must obtain court approval of the settlement).

• You have the right to enjoy privacy in dealing with your lawyer, and keep an entire confidentiality regarding all legal documents to the extent permitted by law.

• It is your right on your lawyer to act in ethical manner in accordance with the law of professional responsibility.

Managing the Present, Securing the Future

Our Vision

Is to achieve while adhering to the core values of honor, integrity, impartiality, objectivity, honesty, and credibility.

We aimed at the rule of law and achieving the truth and fair justice with all honesty and credibility.


Our Goal

To be in the front lines of this great profession and to provide our clients with our services in the best possible way and we will not accept other than that.

Litigation before Dubai Courts and DIFC Courts.
Drafting all kinds of contracts.
Corporate and Commercial Laws.
International Arbitration.
Civil and Commercial Litigations.
Real Estate and Construction Laws.
Criminal Law.
Family Law.
Trademarks, Intellectual Property Rights, and Copyrights Law.
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